Acting Techniques (See also Workshops)
Sessions can be tailored to meet your needs, covering performance, audition technique, improvisation or based around a theme, a script or book, playwright, style or genre, or even as a life skill for problem solving. These sessions are an A - Z of acting to aid not only performance and presentation but the skills learned here are also very useful in life and in the workplace to enable public speaking and the building of confidence.
Techniques offered can include any of the following:  
Improvisation - Spontaneous and Polished
Devising a piece of theatre - particularly useful for GCSE and A Level examinations
Scriptwork and Interpretation of Text - Page to Stage
Understanding Stanislavski and Brecht and other Theatre Practitioners
Focus Techniques
Rehearsal Skills
Emotive Conditioning
Voice Projection
Make Up
Presentation Skills
Drama Exercises and Games
Group size: Can be 'one to one' but recommended minimum - 5 participants
(maximum 20 per tutor)
Age range: For School and Youth Groups 8 years and up
Acting students (including GCSE/A Level) from 14 years
Experience not necessary but it is preferable that abilities are not too diverse

Call us with your requirements and we can design a programme to suit your needs.

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